Welcome to our small piece of wilderness

Welcome on our web site and cattery. We are small raising cattery in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. It is our whole day work to feeding, socialising of the cats and kittens, building up the new places for them and the most beautiful part of the day – playing cuddling with them. We are breeding servals and savannahs which are so nice looking and majestic cats and wild cats. You should dedicate a lot of time, love and patience to them. They will return it twice to you. The real love of savannah and servals is unique and they are behaving like dog-cat. If you acquire their love, attention and trust you will get the best companion for the rest of their life. Savannah cat is specific with her big ears, nice and sleek body wrapped with energic character. We are fall in love with this overall look and the beauty of their moves. It is hard to describe them but when you see them first you will be amazed by how beautiful they looking.

From time to time we have litters during the year. Please use our contact page to speak with us or check the kittens page.


If you have a question regarding savannah or serval cats please use the very useful link below which contain all basic answers you may ask for.

>Savannah cat<

>Serval cat<