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Welcome to our cattery where Africa is closer than you think.

The first idea to breed savannah cats raises in our minds during 2013. We are Roman and Katie and we fall in love with the savannahs and servals since we saw the first pictures on the internet posted by our friend.

Me Katie -I was always growing up with animals. All that I found or saved I brought to the home and could keep them in secret against my parents way too long. From my young ages, animals were in the first place but I never believe that will end up by breeding of these beautiful elegant and rare animals – sometimes quite wild 🙂

Me Roman – firstly I am here to support my loving Katie and be the part of the cattery along with my big passion to preparing and building up the cattery from basement to the last perch for our fur family. From my small dreams and experience with animals, I appear in the cattery with such an incredible cat.

Slowly we have to start with study these cats including their wild ancestor servals. So at the beginning of 2014, we brought our very first loving kitten… and our breeding journey has begun. From that time we are raised a little bit along with our beautiful servals which are our big passion. Its a wonderful life with such a majestic small wild cat. Sometimes is a bit tough but when you realise what all these loving and trustable babies give you is something that nobody can even think about.

We simply love them.