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Our very first savannah cat Safi F1 . She has a beautiful warm color and pattern. Safi gave a birth of our loving kitten Anat which is the very first kitten born here at our cattery. We are thanksful for her.

 Safi F1

This our loving serval girl with totally great personality. Her litters we are able to raising along with her which is the best moments during the growing her kittens. She is our big lover with really gentle character. We love her way so much.

Princess Shusha Luna – serval


Anat is our very first kitten born here at Hawassa cattery. She is our biggest wonder between savannahs. She has very nice color. Nice ears also her size is what is making her so serval looking savannah. At least her serval character is something what you can watching whole day long. If she does not like she will let us know immediatelly 🙂 

Anat F1

This is Elly and she is 3rd generation savannah with really nice servalish face along with nice big ears and good pattern. Elly is big lover but if we going to the vet …beware as this lady woke up the serval in her. LOL 

Elly F3

Crystal is our home breed 3rd generation savannah. She has very nice eyes along with super ears. Her color is nice warm what lets her dark pattern shine. Nice contrasted furr. She is pro hunter and all birds beware on her.

Crystal F3

An F3 savannah Comet with very nice color and sleeky beautiful body. She is great jumper which makes her a fantastic partner during the cleaning ,feeding in enclosures. The best companion you ever can dream about. 

Comet F3

Genna is the 5th generation savannah. She is our most beautiful cat with very nice sleeky body, long neck , never ending legs. Her ears are really nice on her generation. It is a pleasure to watching on her how graceful is she during the walk. She is really beautiful elegant cat.

Genna F5

Dory is our home breed 4th generation savannah. She has beautiful face along with pattern. This girl is the most curious cat we have. Also her temperament is wildish after her mother Elly. She must feel bossy 🙂

Dory F4